introducing… emaline delapaix

today we’ll introduce you berlin-based australian singer songwriter
emaline delapaix and we’ll give away three of her current EP’s of  ‚between breeding seasons‘. we’ll talk emaline who is a long-time vegan and actually mostly raw/organic!

her music is strongly influenced by traveling, nature,  animals rights and cold nights staying out in a caravan in rural Eastern Germany at the beginning of a very cold winter. that’s also where she taught herself to play piano, acoustic guitar and baby celtic harp. her songwriting is mostly about travel, life, nature, love and darker sides of life like depression, which she suffered from terribly until she changed her life and became a full time musician and began a strictly vegan lifestyle!

emaline is pretty active about being vegan & makes the best to live a sustainable life. she had shows at vegan / veggie events in germany and austria, her booking is completely independent and even her CD’s are handmade and self recorded using recycled card and eco friendly inks plus she gives a small % of CD sales to local animal charities.

We really like her compassion and definitely recommend to listen to her nice bit melancholic songwriting which is perfect for cold winter afternoons.


Here we got some questions for those who want to know a bit more of her…

// hey emaline, just give us a quick introduction about yourself?

Hey there!

My name is Emaline Delapaix and I am an Australian singer songwriter living in Berlin with my rescue cat Reece. I write and perform my own kind of folk-pop as well as create music for TV/Film.  

I am also vegan and wherever I can I donate a small % from my CD sales to local animal charities when traveling. 

// what made you living in berlin?

I lived in Germany for 1 1/2 years before moving to Berlin. It’s the perfect city for artists since most of us don’t have much money and there is so much creativity going on around you can’t help being inspired. I also love that it’s so green and close to nature.

// why did you have to live in a caravan during the hard eastern german winter?

I needed to start again after living a crazy hectic life in Toronto Canada and knew I wanted to move to Germany but I had little money. I wanted to make some huge changes in my life so I decided it would be good for me to live in a simple way with a lot of time to think and work through life issues in a rural place so that’s how it came about.

// how does your typical day look like?

I don’t have one typical day as sometimes I am on tour and sometimes not but when on tour it means getting up reasonably early, starting with a healthy breakfast, seeing some sights if I have the time, a healthy lunch, vocal warm ups, sound check, the concert and then chatting with people afterwards. Pretty boring huh? :P

// favorite spots to eat out in berlin?

La Mano Verde when I can afford it. :)

Hoai Nam Vietnamese in Kreuzberg

Playing with Eels – best vegan apple pastries ever

// favorite spots to hang out in berlin?

I don’t get a lot of time to hang out because of my busy schedule but I do take very long walks around Berlin and really enjoy hanging out in some of the parks on the green edges.

I often visit new Vegan cafes and restaurants as well as veggie supper clubs in Berlin, Veganz Supermarket :P, Weissensee Lake beach near my house in the Summer as well as their yurts in the winter with a cup of tea, walking by the canal and checking out gigs of friends when I can, lots of foraging in more rural areas.

// your favorite musical inspiration?

So many but a few favorites include Stina Nordenstam, Tori Amos, Richard Shindell and recently I am really enjoying Eivor from the Faroe Islands. I am very keen on Scandinavian artists as well as Folky Americana stuff.

// how would you describe your music?

It’s a mixture of styles so it makes it a little hard since I write and create on 3 instruments. I would say folk-pop with some melancholic and hopeful themes. Ambient, raw, ethereal.

// you travel alot, which places did you already travelled?

So many I can’t remember them all but I have made stops in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia as well as Australia, Canada, USA, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Czech Republic. There are still so many places I want to see including Eastern Europe and more of Asia and the USA.

// you live with a rescued cat named reece, how came that? is he vegan as well {thought cats shouldn’t be set on a vegan diet, though!?}

I rescued Reece from a kill shelter in Toronto back in 2005. At that time I was fostering cats and he was supposed to be a foster cat but he was so difficult and aggressive I knew that they would put him down. I knew that underneath he was a lovely boy and it was hard work but years later my friends don’t recognize him he is much more chilled out and loving. He isn’t vegan as it’s tough for cats to be vegan so I try to minimize that side of things but only feeding him non farmed bio fish.


// do you provide veganism or animal rights in your lyrics?

I sing about many things and do include veganism/animal rights in a couple of songs including Seal Song, a song I wrote about the Canadian Seal Hunt.

// did you notice any changes after becoming a vegan (health, wealth, body-conciousness, life balance)?

I feel less guilty about my part in this world which is built on the exploitation of other humans and animals. I feel more clean and light and have less allergies and my rosacea got a lot better after cutting out milk from my diet. But I think it must be noted that just being vegan doesn’t mean you are always healthy if you just live on processed foods, fast food and the like. I also try to stay away from processed meat replacements, fast food and that kind of thing as much as I can and when at home I eat a lot of fresh salads and make my own almond milk and raw fresh juices.

// as you say you’re mostly raw & organic, do you grow anything by yourself, produce your own food?

Last year I grew Mangold, lots of little tomatoes, mint, lemon balm, lavender, basil and spinach but since I am in an apartment with no real garden I could only do this in pots so it’s limited but I also tried to forage as many greens as possible including nettle (brenessel) (for juice/pesto/pasta sauce), dandelion leaves (lowenzahn?) for salads and stir fry, dandelion flowers to make vegan honey, red clover for syrup, elderberries (hollunderbeeren) for winter syrup to keep away colds as well as hazelnuts (haselnuss) for sprinkling on breakfast, salads and making biscuits, quitte (quince) for jelly and preserves as well as apples, pears and herbs. I really enjoyed that and hope to do a lot more in 2015 and also hoping to find a little place to live with a garden in Berlin or on the outskirts in the Summer so I can grow a proper garden.

// want to share any awesome recipes?

A simple, mostly free and nutritious recipe:

Emaline’s Nettle and Hazelnut Pesto (vegan)

– 1/2 cup hazelnuts or any nuts you have
– 1 cup of young nettles, rinsed and soaked in warm water for a few minutes
– handful of fresh basil
– 2 cloves garlic
– fresh sea salt and cracked pepper to taste
– olive oil to taste, I used around 3 table spoons

You can also add a little nutritional yeast if you have it to give it a more cheesy taste
Blend ingredients and mix into cooked pasta. I topped mine with some spring onion I had grown from kitchen scraps in a jar. 100% vegan. Yum!

// anything else?

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. You can find out more about me at and check me out on Facebook. Also, you will see and hear me performing on a new ARTE documentary in early March called ‚Helden Der Zukunft‘ which Bjorn Mochenski also appears in.

// thanks emaline.

you can listen and support her music at:

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